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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Step

Most of you are going to laugh and think "what the heck?" when I say this, but I've taken, what I see as, a major step in my eating disorder recovery. It was a simple step, but a major step. I chewed a piece of gum for the first time in almost 3 years! Seems simple, but I haven't had any, mostly for fear that the peppermint would aggravate my acid reflux. But, I survived, as I was pretty sure I would. It's just GUM, after all. It's not like you technically "eat" it!

I've got to do something to help myself. I will die if I continue this way. I'm losing weight again and, for most that would be a great thing. But, for me, it's scary because I KNOW that I'm not getting the nutrition or sustenance that I need for survival. If I drop too much weight, I'm going to look as bad as I did 3 years ago, which was rather frightening!

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Happy Blogger said...

Well, here are some happy thoughts! Congratulations on the gum, and I hope you are able to do whatever you need to do to keep your body healthy. I don't know if seeing the problem is 1/2 the battle--but it's certainly a huge step! Good luck!