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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I realize that Thursday is almost over, but I wanted to get this in. Tonight I'm gonna share a little info into my mind by making a list of...

Thirteen Things That Terrify Me

1. Getting old--mostly the health problems that go along with it. And I worry that clinical depression will set in once I realize that, logically speaking, I have more years behind than I have ahead.

2. NOT getting old--I contradict myself again, because, while I fear getting old, the idea of dying young is even more frightening! I have a lot to live for and it would be a shame to have that taken! :)

3. Vomit--as inane as I realize this fear is, it's very valid (there's even a word for it...emetophobia, in case you wondered). It can actually be a crippling fear and it once caused me to live on Cheez-Its, oatmeal and water for 5 years!

4. Giant cockroaches--I live in the south where these giant aggravations thrive....ugh!! I can't even think about it anymore!!

5. Mice/rats--'nuff said, in my opinion!

6. Big dogs--particularly ones that are barking, growling and snapping at me knowing they could swallow me whole!

7. Deep water--If I can't comfortably stand up in it, it's too damn deep for me!!

8. Snakes--and why not??

9. Spiders--I've gotten better about this one but those are some creepy looking little bastards!!

10. Wasps/Bees--getting stung HURTS!!!

11. Heights--This includes, but is not limited to, driving over bridges and flying, although I'm sure any fear of flying would be better described as a fear of crashing...

12. The dark--more specifically. what might be in the room with me that I can't see.

13. Things I Can't Control--I wouldn't necessarily call myself a control freak, but there is a certain comfort I take in holding my own reigns....