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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Little Girl

I'm sitting here, in the bed, watching my 4 year old daughter sleeping beside me, and I can't believe how much my life has changed since this time 5 years ago. It was about this time in 2002 that I peed on a stick and wound up pregnant (and, yes, I realize that the pregnancy was NOT a direct result of peeing on the stick). I was not happy about it. I did not want any children. I was 22 years old, unmarried, and had just decided to go back to school to finish my education. A baby was absolutely the last thing I needed or wanted. But, alas, the stick was pink, so, ready or not....I would be lying if I didn't say that I explored ALL of my options at that point, but, in the end, I picked the absolute best one! I endured 9 months of annoying, uncomfortable body swelling. I endured morning sickness, and swollen ankles and heartburn. I survived labor and delivery to bring forth the most beautiful little girl ever conceived (mother's opinion). Motherhood is a job I was thrown into accidentally and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

My best friend is a single girl in her late 20s. She seems to always be on the lookout for "Mr. Right" and, lately, has resorted to the internet as a means of meeting her soulmate. I have directed her to a website where she can find him. Millionaire Dating Service is a website providing profiles and such for single millionaires and those wanting to MEET single millionaires! You can set up your profile for free and search through hundreds of profiles for hundreds of singles. Granted, you never know if you're getting a genuine millionaire or a "Joe Millionaire", if you will, but hey, it's got to be worth a shot! People always say you can marry for love or you can marry for money--I say, why not shoot for both??


I've called several schools today, trying to find the right one to put my daughter into next year. She's going to be 5 in October, but she misses the cutoff by 3 days so she'll just be starting Pre-K4. There's a Christian school that I want to put her in, but it's $355 a month for tuition. I was wanting to start school myself, but I might have to sacrifice my dreams to make a better future for her. I don't know. Some might say that I could put her into a public school while I finish college and then, when the money is better, I can transfer her to a private school, and that sounds like a good enough option, but I've seen a few of the products of the public schools around here and I want better for MY child. I want to start her right to begin with. Now, granted, EVERYONE I've met who went to a public school is not on the path to nowhere. I have several friends who went to public schools here who are very smart, beautiful, hard working people with extreme promise. But, from what I can gather, they are the lucky ones. I just really want my daughter to start and finish in a private school where she can get the attention she needs and the strong moral background that comes from a faith based school.

Dane Cook is the BOMB!

I'm "in love"! We watched "Tourgasm" with Dane Cook and his friends on DVD last night and he is SO cute!! I also find him to be hysterical. The "Burger King" bit is my absolute favorite! I saw him in Employee of the Month, which is where he first got my attention, but he's much funnier doing his own thing and without Jessica Simpson! I've become a huge fan and he is now my favorite comedian.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh You Beautiful Doll!!

I know there are a lot of people just like me who frequent message boards and forums. What could be cuter than having your very own avatar that you dressed up yourself? Dress Up Games is a site that allows you to create an avatar for use in various online communities. You can choose the gender of your doll as well as the hair color and make your own doll and there are also premade dolls you can use. In addition, I found coloring games, chat icons with and without animation and several other things to make your doll experience entertaining. I've enjoyed playing around with the site and creating mermaid dolls, goth dolls, hippie dolls and such. There are male dolls as well as couples and they also have their own forum, so you can bet there are some nice dolls in there!

The site itself is very easy to navigate and a lot of fun to explore. I've spent a little bit of time there and still haven't seen all there is to see. The site appears to be updated rather frequently, so I'll be checking back again to see what's new. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing around with avatars and other message board personalization tools.


I'm watching a VH1 special on child stars and their "momagers" and "dadagers". I always thought I wanted to be famous as a child, but now I'm glad I wasn't! Although, I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't have let me get screwed up like some of those other stars did, but still. I also, at one point, thought about taking my own daughter to a place in Dallas and seeing if I could get her started, cause she is SO much cuter than one of those freakin' Olsen twins, but I'd hate to be the reason my child grew up and had to go to rehab or spent time in jail, etc. It's just messed up how selfish some parents can be.

Tickle Your Funnybone

I love a good laugh. Here's a place where you can watch funny videos. There are all kinds of hysterical videos and even some pictures on the site that will be sure to send milk out your nose! There are also greeting cards and a message board to enjoy as well. Laughter IS the best medicine and this website delivers!

Friday, January 26, 2007

January 24, 2009

Write that date's the day we'll be celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday. He had his 78th one on the 23rd and my grandma told me that "if he makes it to 80, we're going to have a celebration". Well, I, for one, refuse to use the word "IF". I have been "Paw Paw's girl" for as long as I can remember and I can't imagine a world without him in it. Granted, he's not always easy to get along with, but that's just his way. I'm planning on going to school this summer or fall and he's GOT to be around to watch me graduate so I can make him proud. There's NO WAY he won't make it to his 80th birthday so, everyone mark your calendars...there WILL BE a party on January 24th, 2009!

I'm "in love" with my cell phone. I don't know how we survived without them! And, with all the features they have nowadays, there's no reason to have any other method of communication. You can talk, text, chat, check email, listen to music AND take pictures--all with your cell phone! As you can tell, I'm a huge advocate of wireless communication. Anyone who is looking for a new phone and/or carrier should go to featured Verizon cell phone deals. You can search for phones, providers, services, etc. It was through this site that I discovered that the carrier that I’m considering is running a great special on the phone I’m considering. So, it’s going to be a win-win for me, thanks to wirefly!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What A Day!!

I woke up with a headache that might very well have killed a normal person....I'm sure it's my sinuses acting up again. Then, I got a letter in the mail from ULM saying that I needed to send in my transcript from ECCC, which I requested from them BEFORE Christmas! So I had to call ECCC and see what was going on there and the lady said they sent it to ULM on December 19! So THEN, I had to call ULM again to verify that they did NOT receive it and the lady there told me to give it until Monday! WHAT?? It's already been over a month! I would think it would have gotten there if it was coming! So, I called ECCC AGAIN and she said she'd get another copy out in the mail today, so hopefully that will be cleared up next week. I'm anxious to go back to school and get my life on the track I want it to take.

Speaking of that, lately everything else in my life has been going like I want it to go. My husband and I are getting along, my daughter is acting like an angel, for the most part, things are going well! I just hope and pray it continues! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Few I've Seen....

I've been watching a lot of movies lately, in an effort to spend more time with my husband. We've watched some that were good, some I didn't too much care for, and some that were so bad that we just had to turn them off!!

The first one we watched was "Employee of the Month" with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. Now, I really don't like Jessica Simpson and I think that anyone else could have been cast in her role and it would have been fine, but I don't think Dane Cook could have been beat! It was a cute movie, definitely. A LITTLE predictable, but, hey....what do you expect??

Then came "Gridiron Gang" with The Rock. That man is H-O-T!!! The movie was pretty good, too. Greg didn't like it as much as I did. I think he was expecting more violence out of the juvenile delinquents, while I was glad that there was more "getting along". I've always been a sucker for positive message movies that are based on true stories.

We also watched a movie called "Scoop" with Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen, and Scarlett Johanssen. It wasn't bad for a Woody Allen movie. I'm not sure I liked Hugh Jackman as a possible murderer, or whatever, but he sure was cute! As annoying as Woody Allen is, in general, he was almost endearing in this movie.

"American Pie: The Naked Mile" was funny. I think it was better than some of the original "American Pie" movies, particularly the third one, which I didn't find all that amusing, other than when Stifler ate the dog poop...THAT was funny! I did have an appreciation for all the naked people running around, though! :)

"Crooks" was stupid. We didn't even watch all of it. It wasn't remotely funny and the plot was incredibly SLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. It would have been nice to know if they ever found the stolen stamps, but it wasn't worth the agony of watching the whole movie to find out.

I watched about 5 or 10 minutes of something called "The Protectors" or something to that effect, but I'm totally not into kung-fu movies, nor am I a fan of movies I have to read. If I wanted to read, I would skip the video store and go the library, where I can borrow a book for free!

So, that's been my movie experience. I've never watched so many movies in such a short amount of time in my LIFE! But, it's been fun!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Innocence Must Be Lost

I'm sitting here, alone on a Saturday night (nothing unusual there), thinking about my daughter and how much I can learn from her. She's only four years old, so her view of the world is totally different from mine and most other adults'. She's blind to color and status. She has no concept of age or other discriminations. She doesn't know how to hate. She's never been teased by a classmate because of glasses or braces or because she's taller or shorter than everyone else. She doesn't know how it feels to be left out or picked last in dodgeball. She's never lost anyone that she can remember to death. She doesn't understand that death is final. She's never been let down by someone she trusted. She's never been ignored or tossed aside or stabbed in the back by someone she considered to be a friend. She's never been emotionally or physically abused or had her mind controlled. She's never been rejected by the one person she felt was on her side.

I'm sure most of these things will happen to her at some point and one day I won't be in a position to shield her. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to handle it when my 1st grader comes home crying because someone in her class was teasing her. How does a mother refrain from beating someone else's kid's ass????

My point is, why does my daughter have to learn these things? Why do people have to be hurtful? Why do we have to experience shame, hate, disappointment, and letdown?

Monday, January 01, 2007


So, it's officially 2007 and I have a few resolutions. Keep in mind, I'm just pulling some of this out of my head right now. I haven't really thought that much about my resolutions, but I always have some, so here they are:

1. I'm going to start going to church. I need to get my daughter involved with things that will be a good influence on her.

2. I'm going to, slowly but surely, start adding more things to my meager diet. I recently started eating turkey, which is HUGE for me!! I've got to lick this eating disorder and apparently, I'm going to have to do it without any professional help, since no one is willing to help me with that!

3. I'm going to go back to school. I've got my application filled out and just waiting for the office to open again to take it by. I have to find my shot record and get financial aid in order before I can officially start, but I'm SOOOOO ready!! I'm going to major in English education and teach high school English.

4. I'm going to be diligent about sending birthday cards this year. I'm going to buy some in advance so I never have to run to the store and I'm going to fill out my calendar TODAY so I don't forget a birthday!!

5. I'm going to start buying Christmas and birthday gifts for my daughter in advance, because it always sets us WAY back, financially, assuming that we have the money to get her anything at all, which, for her birthday, we didn't, and it sucked. That is NOT happening again and I'm going to start in January buying things if I have to!

6. I'm going to keep my house cleaner.

7. Assuming I start getting an allowance (or get a real job or something), I'm going to be more diligent about my self-improvement. My nails will ALWAYS be hair will ALWAYS be cut and highlighted on eyebrows will always be waxed. I'm tired of letting myself go because I'm lazy and/or broke!

8. I'm going to be more positive. From now on, no matter what is going on, I'm going to find SOMETHING positive to say about it. And, for every negative thing I say, I have to say five positive things to counter it. I'm tired of being such a pessimistic person. I've met enough people who do NOTHING but bitch, bitch, bitch and I realize how annoying it is to listen to and how I don't even want to answer the phone half the time when they call...and I don't want to be one of those people!

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure I'll come up with other things I want to do this year to make my life better and make the people around me feel better. I'll keep you updated.