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Monday, October 08, 2007

Just In Time

I took Alyssa to school today and she was excitedly telling her teacher about her new puppy and her teacher told me that she got that "just in time". They're about to have a special pet week at school, where all the kids are going to bring pictures of their pets and tell about them. She said they were talking about it last week and Alyssa got very sad because she was the only kid in her class who didn't have a pet! And, now she does and I'm happy for her! I had no idea that she was the only one and that they were doing "pet week". Now I'M glad she has one, too! Granted, I'm tired from having to clean up after her and take her outside when she's not even trying to potty outside, but for my daughter's sake, I'm glad she's here. And, now, I must go give said dog a BATH because she REEKS!!

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