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Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's OVER!!

FINALLY!! Christmas is OVER!! I was well pleased with the whole holiday, aside from my kid being sick...again. She and I spent Christmas Eve night riding around looking at Christmas lights in the different neighborhoods. Then, Christmas morning, we got up to see what Santa had brought her. She got a little basketball goal (just her size), a Chat Diva Barbie, an ice cream maker and cute little ice cream bowls. She also got a Webkinz, a Lite Brite, a set of bongos and a bunch of cute things. Anyway, after that was over, we all loaded up, went and picked Greg's son up from his mom's and we all went down to my mother-in-law's house and opened our family gifts there. Alyssa got a set of golf clubs, a FurReal gorilla, a Hannah Montana doll, a princess watch from her brother and a Nintendo DS Lite with a game. I was really excited because I got a nail care set from that kiosk in the mall (LOVE that stuff), the camera I wanted, and a beautiful butterfly necklace. I think the necklace is my favorite, simply because my little girl picked it out all by herself! Greg took her to the store and basically turned her loose. He said she walked around, looking, and all of a sudden she stopped, put her hands over her mouth and whispered, "'s PERFECT!!" He said he showed her heart shaped necklaces and such but she would not be moved. She said the butterfly was "perfect for Mommy because she likes butterflies and so do I". So, that's the gift I will most cherish.

When we left my mother-in-law's, Alyssa and I went to Mississippi to spend the remainder of Christmas Day with my family. We spent the night at my grandparents' house and came back yesterday, just in time for me to take Alyssa to the doctor to get medicine for what appears to be a respiratory infection. Yay! Her cough sounds so bad...I just wish there were more I could do for her. I hate it when my baby isn't feeling good. She doesn't feel bad...she isn't acting "off" or anything...she just has a horrible cough. Poor baby.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mommy Tantrum

I had to make a believer out of her. I have been BEGGING my child for days to pick up her toys. I decided today that I had had enough. After asking her all day, telling her that I was going to get angry and even having "Santa" write a letter, asking her, she STILL didn't pick up those toys. So, I made good on my threat. I took ALL of her toys and put them up. Every one of them. She is now bored and trying her best to be good so she can earn her toys back. So, for every time she does a chore, she gets a toy. Every time she does something she's supposed to do WITHOUT being asked to, she gets two toys. I don't want to be mean to her--I really don't. But, she's GOT to learn to be better!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Poor Neglected Blog

Since the demise of my former computer cord (at the hands...or should I say teeth...of the puppy), I have missed a lot of my online time. I haven't been able to maintain my blog to the extent that I usually try to. The good news is, my new cord came in yesterday, so I'm back up and running! Speaking of running...have I mentioned that I am going nuts with all this Christmas stuff? The only thing I've managed to get is a few gifts for Alyssa and one for Greg. Oh, and the stuff for Alyssa's classmates and teachers. Of course, I'm the only one who has really been focused on Alyssa's Christmas. That's nothing unusual. Lucky for her, she's my only focus, to speak of, so she'll always know that I'm thinking of her best interest. I don't guess I'd have that any other way, as far as I'm concerned. I'm just ready for Christmas to be over. It's getting to the annoying part.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Hate My Dog

Getting my daughter a puppy for her birthday has proven to be the BIGGEST mistake I've made in a LONG time! The thing uses my house as her personal potty and now she's managed to chew my laptop cord beyond repair. I really don't know how she didn't get electrocuted, but my adapter is history. I've got to order a new one and, in the meantime, I can't get on my computer. I'm having to use my husband's laptop in his office, which makes me feel very isolated, as I'm used to doing all my computer work in the comfort of my living room, while stretched across the loveseat. Now, I'm having to actually a a CHAIR...WHAT?!?!?!?! I hope I can get my adapter soon, so I can go back to "business as usual".

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Diet

I'm becoming more and more proud of myself. In a matter of a few short weeks, I have added applesauce, baked turkey, and mixed nuts to my diet. This probably doesn't seem like much to the average person, but I'm proud of myself! I've decided to add at least one new thing every week, until I can eat enough to at least FEEL normal and possibly get more nutrients into my system. I'm starting to notice things going wrong with my body. For instance, my short term memory is suffering and my fingernails are starting to get rigid. I just want to get myself healthy again, even if I never enter another restaurant. I want to at least be able to feed myself healthy foods at home, you know?

What A Sunday!

Sundays are typically "okay" days for me, but today's a little off. First of all, we have NO water!! We called the water company and they said that a fuse blew or something and they are working on it, but have NO idea how long it will take to get it back on. UGH! I need a bath and I have laundry to do for tomorrow, etc. I had wanted to go shopping today, but I can't go until I've had a bath, which I can't do until my water comes back on. So, something tells me there's no shopping in my Sunday future!

On a lighter note, I got my tree up yesterday. It took an act of Congress, as we have a pre-lit tree and, when I put it up, the whole middle section wasn't lighting up. It was annoying, but I finally got it fixed and finished decorating. Now all I have to do is finish with this stocking I'm working on and it will be smooth sailing!