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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Day's Events

Today was Alyssa's first time to go to school in almost a week. Technically, she didn't even go TO school. We met her class up at the pumpkin patch. It was fun for the kids. They decorated tiny pumpkins (gourds, actually) and played and learned about pumpkins and heard a story. Then they went outside and played for a bit, running around among the pumpkins. After that, we went out to the park for a classmate's birthday party. It was a LOT of outside time and it was COLD outside, so I'm praying that I didn't make a wrong decision in letting her go. She was looking so forward to it that I hated to make her miss it, but I just hope her cough doesn't get worse as a result. So far, so good, but time will tell!

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Retta said...

Pumpkin patch is awesome :-) We have two pumpkins to carve, and the kids want some little gourds to paint. I guess I should go get those.