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Friday, April 27, 2007

Five On Friday

I thought these questions were interesting:

1. Do you curse/swear or otherwise use curse/swear words?

Yes, I do. More than I should, I'm afraid.

2. Do you substitute faux curse words, like shoot or crap, for the real thing?

When I think about what I'm going to say ahead of time, I do...particularly when my 4 year old is around!

3. Which curse words and phrases do you abuse most often?

LOL! I don't know if there are any I use "most often". I don't play favorites!

4. Are you annoyed or pleased when you hear movies, songs, or shows that have been edited to cover or replace inappropriate language?

I usually don't care. What does annoy me though, is when they will edit out certain words, but then allow others that, in my opinion, are just as "bad" if not worse!

5. What are your thoughts on the use of curses and swear words in modern society? Is it more or less prevalent than in previous generations? Is it fine or causing irreprable harm to our culture? Do you think we should create (or in some cases keep) laws forbidding cursing?

I don't know if you can really place and enforce a law against it. The words being used in modern society doesn't really bother me. The only thing I wish would happen is for people to TRY to refrain from using the language around children. I'm an adult and I don't offend easily, nor do I really care what ADULT my language offends, but I don't want my child picking up foul language from a perfect stranger. Tact is the key!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Rebecca

I was talking to a friend about my life and all the things I've done and didn't do and would like to do and won't be able to do. So, this week's 13 will be "Thirteen Things That I Would Do (Or Would Like To Have Done) If I Didn't Have A Child":

1. Finish school---I realize I can still do this WITH a's just harder to pay for it now, especially if I want to put HER in good schools, and harder to find quiet time to study when there's a child constantly hollering for Mommy!

2. Move to NYC---this was my dream when I was in college. I wanted to move to NYC and be an singer/actress. I NEED to be on stage!

3. Go out and have fun---I did this before I had a kid and, if I didn't have one, I would still be enjoying my 20s before they're over!

4. Watch grown up shows---my daughter gets thoroughly pissed off when I change her cartoons to watch my soaps!

5. Have money---which I would, if I weren't constantly having to pay for birthday parties and holiday gifts and dental work and school tuition and clothes and such!

6. Sleep in---every once in a while, I'd like to sleep until noon!

7. Accompany my husband on trips to the casino---he gets to stay in the great hotels and play slots all night while I'm stuck home with the kid!

8. Choose my friends for something OTHER than how many kids they have---any time I make a new friend, nowadays, one of the factors that goes into how much time I spend with the person is how many children she has and how close they are to MY child's age!

9. Get rid of this damn cat---I hate this cat...but my daughter loves him and won't let me throw him out!

10. Have far less laundry---I am constantly doing clothes because she plays outside and gets sweaty or she drops her food in her lap or something!

11. Be called something besides "Mommy"---my own grandparents now refer to me as "Alyssa's mommy".

12. Go to the bathroom without an audience---it doesn't matter WHAT I'm doing in there, she's got to come oversee!

13. Live an empty, unfulfilling life with no reason to smile---sure, there are things I could have done and should have done, but bottom line is, I love my little girl and I wouldn't trade her for a thing!! :)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 Things I Like To Do Alone

Okay, okay....I know there's only 10 more minutes left in Tuesday, but I wanted to do this week's Ten on Tuesday. So, here's a list of 10 things I like to do alone.

1. Take a bath--a thing of luxury since giving birth.
2. Sleep--my daughter kicks and my husband snores! I'm better off alone!
3. Shop--It's ONLY annoying when I can't decide between multiple things and I'd like to have an opinion. Otherwise, it's heavenly to not have to chase my child or listen to my husband complain about all the things he'd rather be doing.
4. Watch TV--when I'm alone, I can watch the channel I want and I don't have to worry about someone talking in the middle of it.
5. Drive--I can sing along with the radio and get a lot of thinking done.
6. Talk on the phone--again, only because I hate distractions and two people trying to talk to me at once.
7. Relax--it would be great to have a whole night and day by myself to veg out on the couch and watch a movie or read a book or something.
8. Work--which is why I love working at home.
9. Clean the house--That way, I don't have a child messing it up as fast as I can clean it or a husband making smartass comments about how he can't believe I'm doing it!
and FINALLY......

10. GO TO THE BATHROOM--No explanation necessary!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Saturday!

Yes, it's the first day of the weekend and you ask yourself, what does Rebecca have on tap for today? Well, my friend, the answer is NOTHING!! I'd like to say I had these huge weekend plans, but that would be a lie. This time last weekend, I was enjoying a couple of child-free hours while Greg and Alyssa were gone. This weekend, not so much. I didn't wake up until 10:30 and now it's noon and I haven't even gotten a shower yet. Now, I HAVE done things. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I rewashed a load of laundry I forgot about and left in the washer overnight. I made my bed and cleaned out 3 of my purses. Those are accomplishments. I do have to go, at some point today, and pick up my contacts. The ones I have are burning my eyes in a major way. I just hope they're in. They should's been long enough!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Five On Friday

1. How neat are the clothes you wear? Do you iron? Fold them promptly? Pull them out of the dirty laundry?

I iron ONLY if I have to. If they're wrinkled I'll iron them, but most of the time, I manage to get them out of the dryer before they wrinkle...either that, or I'll wear them long enough before I leave the house that the wrinkles kinda "fall" out. I hate ironing!

2. How do you make your bed? Hospital corners? All over the floor? Or somewhere in between?

When I make my bed at all, I tuck the top sheet in at the bottom and along the sides...then throw blankets and the comforter on top. Relatively neat looking, but nowhere near perfection.

3. Do you leave dirty dishes in your dishwasher? In the sink? On the counters? In other rooms?

There are sometimes dishes in my sink, but I try to stay on top of that as best I can. I'm looking at 2 dirty glasses on the nightstand table beside me, but it's rare that I have any other dishes anywhere else in the house.

4. Are your floors clean enough to eat off of or is there an old science experiment growing in the corner?

Somewhere in between. I wouldn't eat off my floor at any given point, but they're not just NASTY!

5. How clean is the outside of your car? How about the inside? Is there junk in your trunk?

The outside is pretty dirty, mainly because of all the pollen floating around. The inside isn't TOO bad. It needs to be vacuumed, but it's okay. And, there's USUALLY nothing in my trunk, unless I've been to the grocery store. Right now, my husband's golf clubs are still in there from yesterday, but he'll eventually get those out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Rain is okay...I can handle that. What I hate are storms! I can even handle most of them, unless they produce tornadoes. I'm scared to death that, one day, I'm going to get blown away like the girl in The Wizard of Oz. If it weren't for those, I'd be okay. I like the sound of rain when I'm trying to sleep and I can sleep through most storms, but geez....who wants to have to be afraid of being whisked away in their sleep??

Monday, April 16, 2007

Parenting, At Its Finest

Okay, I admit it!! There are times when I wish that child abuse was legal and socially acceptable! Well, maybe not...but my child was really trying my patience tonight! We went grocery shopping, and she was HORRIBLE!! I mean, she whined and cried and smarted off and name it and, if it was bad, she did it!! Honestly, I LOVE my child, but wow! I'm not sure my sanity can take much more!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary to ME!! (and my husband, of course!) :)

Today is mine and my husband's (who from this point on, will be called Greg...because, well, that's his name) fifth anniversary. We married on Saturday, April 13, 2002. Our wedding was a little unconventional, and admittedly, not the way I always dreamed my wedding would be, but, looking back, I wouldn't really change a thing. We had a whirlwind engagement that started with the pink line on the EPT. He finally met my grandparents for the first time a week before our scheduled nuptials. All this led up to the wedding, which was held in my grandparents living room. There were a handful of guests, which included my family, his family, his friends, and some friends of my family, that weren't exactly close friends of MINE, but at least I knew them (grandparental controlling, at its finest). One of them slipped me a $100 bill after the reception, so I can't complain! My aunt was in charge of the music, and I can't honestly tell you what they played, but I can tell you that I had NO say in it, whatsoever. I was then walked down the "aisle", which was actually the hallway from my former bedroom into the living room, by my uncle, due to the absence of my grandpa, who was in the hospital, suffering from a bleeding ulcer that I'm sure was caused by his oldest granddaughter's "shotgun wedding". Our "attendants" were his brother, Scott (who actually looked pretty hot, if I do say so myself) and my sister, who I had to BEG to come in the first place, cause she already had plans for that weekend and my wedding was very "spur of the moment". The preacher was my second choice, as my first choice also had plans for that weekend. Any normal person would have postponed the wedding and waited for grandpa to get out of the hospital and for the preacher of my choice, etc...but not me. I was 3 months pregnant and time was of the essence. However, amid all the chaos and control, there was only one moment that truly mattered, and that was the moment when Bro. Jim introduced us to the onlookers as "Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shane Williamson". What else matters, really? Five years later, it doesn't matter that my dress was ivory and his suit was brown. It makes no difference that there weren't any flowers, aside from my bouquet. I'm sure no one remembers that my car didn't get decorated with shaving cream and who knows what else. The ONLY thing that matters is the fact that I am still "Mrs. Gregory Shane Williamson". So, no, my wedding wasn't that of fairy tales, but you know what? I am just as married to my prince as Cinderella was when the story was over!

Friday Fill-In

I was searching for a meme to keep me busy on Fridays and my "most goodest" friend, Loretta found me the Friday Fill-In. I think I'm really going to like this goes.....

1. When I need inspiration I'm usually just SOL, unless I can look around my room and find something to inspire me!
2. Sleeping is my favorite way to recharge my batteries.
3. I never get sick of sitting on the computer. One would think that I would, after awhile....but I don't.
4. One of my fondest memories is being a teenager and having my daddy and all his "weird" biker friends around. There are no truer friends than bikers...remember that!!.
5. My daughter always makes me laugh.
6. I am tired,antsy and about to go shave my husband's neck!
7. This weekend, I'm looking forward to celebrating my 5th anniversary (today).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about REBECCA

I was having a hard time coming up with a "Thursday Thirteen" to do this week, so I decided to fall back on a classic:

13 Of My Favorite Things

1. My daughter. Alyssa is my life force. She drives me crazy, but I can't imagine my life without her.

2. Floam. I have only recently discovered this stuff and it's just so freakin' fun to play with!

3. Karaoke. I used to be a much better singer than I probably am now, but I like it anyway.

4. Shopping. This is particularly true when I have money to spend and can find something I want.

5. Sleeping. LOVE sleeping! 'Nuff said!

6. My soaps. Guilty pleasure of mine. My daddy called them "trash", but I can't help but be hooked.

7. Being alone. I think I really like this one because I get it so seldom!

8. Cooking. Believe it or not, if I'm in the right mood, I actually enjoy creating something out of nothing!

9. Holidays when I get to shop for my daughter. Again, only true if I have LOTS of money to spend on her...otherwise, it's just depressing!

10. Cross stitching. It's my "thinking" time.

11. Mary Kay skincare products. I actually had a man come to my house and ask if my mom was home!! This stuff is GREAT!!

12. My hair straightener. I'd look like the Bride of Frankenstein without it!!

13. Blogging. It give me an opportunity to share my thoughts with a whole new batch of victims! Enjoy!!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rainy Day

I can't decide if I have any appreciation for rain or not. I mean, I LOVE the sound it makes as it hits the window and the roof, but that's really only relaxing when I'm ABLE to relax. So, I think the verdict is that I like rain when I'm trying to sleep, but I don't like it during the day because it prevents me from going and doing whatever I want. I realize that I COULD still go shopping even though it's raining, but I hate driving in the rain and I hate getting wet when I get out of the car. I prefer to do all my "running around" when it's nice and dry outside. I also prefer it to be warm, which is another thing it hasn't been for the past several days. I'm ready for the rain to stop and the temperature to rise, just a little!

Monday, April 09, 2007

What A Surprise! Didn't See THAT Coming!

Your Inner Child Is Angry

You're not an angry person.
But when you don't get your way, watch out.
Like a very manipulative kid, you will get what you want.
Even if it takes a little kicking and screaming.


Easter is finally over. I'm starting to really hate holidays. I just come up with expectations and then I'm disappointed and cranky. So my whole holiday is filled with expectation, disappointment, and crankiness! The expecting part would be fun if I EVER got what I expected, instead of a huge letdown....but, I don't, so it sucks! Hopefully this week will be okay, though. I don't know what leads me to believe that it will....maybe I'm just hoping here. My anniversary is this weekend and I'm TRYING not to expect that it will go like I've planned....but it's hard because I want it to SOOO badly!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

These Are My Obsessions

Thirteen Things about Rebecca

Yesterday, I saw where my friend Loretta had been "tagged" and she listed 5 of her obsessions. I almost participated in that, then I realized that I could wait until today and take it a step further. So, this week, I'm listing 13 I obsess over.

1. Germs!! I hate germs! I hate when I'm not sick and someone who IS sick comes within a mile of me! I will follow that person around with a can of Lysol in one hand and a disinfecting wipe in the other. I realize I can't shield my daughter from every germ and virus there is, but it won't be for a lack of trying!!

2. Manners. I make sure my daughter knows to say "yes, ma'am" and "no ma'am" and "yes sir" and "no, sir", and "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me" and "I'm sorry". I can't stand rudeness. It takes so little effort to teach kids to be polite!

3. Laundry. I hate to do it, for sure, but once I get started, I want to wash EVERYTHING!!! Back when I lived alone, I would walk around naked while I washed everything, including the clothes I had on!

4. Skin care. I want to look young as long as I can, so I have to be careful about how I treat my skin. Only Mary Kay products for me!

5. Taking pictures. I want pictures of everything. My daughter will only be four years old for 365 days (and half of those are already gone). I want to capture as many of her "moments" as I can, no matter how ridiculous I look carrying a huge camera bag with me everywhere I go.

6. My soaps. I realize this is a sick obsession, but it makes me feel better to know that it could always be worse.

7. Shopping. Sometimes I want to go, even when I have no money or nothing to shop FOR. I just like going and looking. Naturally, I prefer to BUY, but anything to get out of the house sometimes.

8. My health. I probably would be classified as a hypochondriac. So far, I've "had" (not really, but I thought I did) cancer, tuberculosis, a yeast infection, a stomach virus, gallstones, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Luckily, as it turned out, I had none of these things (although the jury is still out on the stomach virus, cause I totally think that's what that was).

9. Clipping coupons. I buy Sunday papers just for the coupons...then regularly forget to use them. And, yet, I still continue to clip and forget!

10. Kool-aid. I can't get enough black cherry kool-aid! Periodically, I'll slip in a pitcher of tropical punch, but black cherry is my favorite!

11. Email. I check my email constantly!! So much, in fact, that people have accused me of staying on the computer 24/7. This is not true, actually. I'll be up doing other things, but every time I pass the computer, I HAVE to check to see if I got a new email!!

12. Surveys. I'm on myspace and every time someone posts a new bulletin that's one of those cheesy "what is your name?", "what did you eat for breakfast?" surveys, I feel compelled to do it...not sure's a sickness!

13. Brushing my teeth. This is something that gets done AT LEAST twice a day and sometimes more often, if they're feeling a little "furry". I can not STAND for my teeth to feel nasty! And, whoever came up with the concept of "less intense Listerine" is full of crap!!!!!!!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

It's a New Month!

It's always good to have goals. Here are some of mine for April:

--figure out what happened to the "mysterious, vanishing $200" that was supposedly declined to my daughter's dentist office that, in actuality, was taken out of my account.

--go to Harvest Assembly of God church for Easter to hear Testify sing.

--celebrate my anniversary (the 13th) with my husband in Shreveport. This is going to require finding an overnight sitter.

--get my husband a really great birthday gift on the 23rd. He'll be 36 this year....he's getting old! LOL!

I'm sure I'll come up with more as the month progresses.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Supper Time!

I am SO lucky! My daughter is the least picky eater of all the children I know! About the only things I've ever seen her turn down are bananas (and she's even warming up to those now), jello, and onions (she calls them "omyums", which is adorable). Other than that, she eats anything!! She LOVES vegetables, including celery, which I can't say for myself, cause that is some NASTY stuff! She eats whatever I cook and is darn glad to have it! Just the kind of child I can love and appreciate!

I, on the other hand, don't eat anything. This is a mental disorder that I have. I'm afraid to get sick, therefore I don't all. This disease only hurts after the 3rd year! I haven't had a real "meal" since 2004. Most people would say this is odd...and it is, but it's become a way of life for me! I'm just hoping that one day I can get back to "normal", cause I REALLY want a chicken quesadilla!!