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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Loaded Questions

I found a new meme called Loaded Questions and decided it would be fun to participate. I love questions and answers that provide insight into who I am!

Hypotheticals: If you could bathe in a vat of any drink or food item, what would you choose?
vanilla pudding....not sure why....I just think the consistency and texture of pudding would make it cool to bathe in...and I chose vanilla because the odds of it staining my skin some weird color would be slim to none.

Anything Goes: What world-changing event would you like to take credit for?
I can't think of any one event that changed the whole world....I know there were some, but none I'd want to take credit for because most of them were tragic (the ones I can think of, anyway).

No-Brainers: What song do you keep hearing over and over again?
Whichever one I'm intentionally playing over and over again, I suppose. Currently that's "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall.

Personals: What are you most proud of?
My daughter...she's the best thing I've ever done. I only wish I could say I "done it" on purpose! :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bad Weather

Tornados ripped through Arkansas yesterday and tore apart a whole town! I HATE bad weather!! My husband, on the other hand, is completely obsessed and intrigued by it. He would go out and chase tornadoes if I would let him. Keep in mind, though, that it isn't a matter of me "letting" him. I told him he could go, as long as he made sure to take out a life insurance policy on himself before he left. I don't want to be widowed AND broke!! LOL!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Review My Post

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Old MacDonald Had A Farm....

E-I-E-I-O! And on this farm he had some a kid, there a kid, everywhere a freakin' kid! Amazing how I only gave birth to ONE child, and yet, between my house and my yard I am now surrounded by FIVE kids!! Luckily, I'm only responsible for two of them at the moment....otherwise I'd be INSANE!! There are people in this world who are cut out for little miniature people....I'm not one of those people!!

I checked out the movie Hollywoodland last night. I didn't hate it, really. It was weird, but not altogether bad. I watched Running With Scissors a few nights ago, too, and THAT one was weird!! It did help me to realize that I'm not officially nuts yet!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about REBECCA

I was thinking, on my way home from town, about writing a blog that listed my pet peeves. Then, when I got home, I remembered that it was Thursday and I thought, hey, what a great "Thursday Thirteen" idea. So, listed here, in NO particular order, are 13 of my greatest pet peeves!!

1. Red lights that turn red when there is absolutely NO ONE to go in the other direction. Make sense? I got stopped at a red light and there was no one coming on the other direction of the intersection. So, I had to sit there and wait on the light for NAUGHT! NOTHING! NO GOOD REASON! It annoyed me!!

2. People who stand behind you in line and want to invade your "personal space". This actually happened to me today, too. There was a lady behind me in line at the post office and I, literally, could NOT breathe for her being crammed up into my back. I couldn't turn around and every time she would move, she would hit me in the arm with her purse. If I took a tiny step forward to try to get away from her, she was right behind me, taking a step forward. I've never been THAT glad to get out of the post office...and I hate the post office!!

3. Gum smacking. This is the reason I hate for my daughter to have gum. I don't want her to turn into one of those kids who makes people's flesh crawl when they come around with a wad of gum in their mouth as big as their head!

4. When people call your house and then call right back if you don't answer. Nine times out of ten, I'm screening my calls. Reason being, I sometimes don't feel like talking. Plenty understandable, right? Then, inevitably, SOMEONE is going to decide they're too important to be ignored and call back incessantly. What they don't realize is that, after they've done that, I just get pissed off and don't answer out of spite!

5. Whiny children. This goes for mine, as well as anyone else's. At least if it's mine, I can TELL her she's driving me nuts and shut the heck up! I think it's MORE annoying when it's someone else's kid, because you're stuck having to listen to them and can't say anything.

6. People who come to work sick. This is particularly true for cashiers and restaurant workers. I do NOT want someone who has just sniffled and wiped her nose with her hand giving me my receipt, much less bringing me my dinner!! I realize that people need money, but isn't that what the concept of "sick days" is all about?? Maybe my peeve should be more with the management that won't let the person off work when they're sick?

7. When people stab you in the back or otherwise betray you and then, when you don't talk to them, for lack of something to say to the sleazeballs, they have the nerve to act shocked. Like, "Are you mad at me? What did I do?" What are they thinking?? Were they not around when their mouths started blabbing everything they knew???

8. When my washer, for whatever reason, doesn't get my clothes rinsed out. Not sure why that happens, but it goes hand-in-hand with when my dryer doesn't get my clothes dry the first time. Small thing, yes, but aggravating, nonetheless.

9. Voice mail messages that lead you to believe that the person answered the phone. I realize that some people think they're cute, but I absolutely hate when I call someone to have an intelligent conversation, or in the event of an emergency and I hear "Hello? Hello? OHHH, I'm not here!" Or my personal "favorite", "Hey! What's up.....Oh yeah?......I don't know....well, that's cool.....oh, by the way, this isn't me, it's my voice mail"....WHATEVER!!

10. Clothing stores and manufacturers who apparently think that EVERYONE is either 15 or 60. From what I can gather, most stores have two sections, juniors and old ladies. There's NOTHING for people like me, in their late 20s who don't want to look like we're trying to get back into highschool, but don't want to appear to be headed for a retirement residence either. What gives?? We're all not either a size 2 or 20, either. There ARE in-between people!

11. Toys with battery compartments that you need a screwdriver to get into. This isn't all that bad, but my daughter got a Barbie doll that dances when she has a AAA battery in each leg. Problem is, the screw is SO tiny, it took FOREVER for me to find a screwdriver that would allow me to open the compartment to get the battery in!

12. Wal-Mart ('nuff said?) and the fact that they remodeled their stores to add WAY more checkout lines, but they still have the same number of cashiers, so what was the point? I'm still having to wait in an astronomically long line, only now, I'm being taunted by the unmanned register next to me.

13. ANY noise while I'm trying to sleep. This includes talking, coughing, snoring, the TV, radio, the cat meowing, dogs barking, etc. I'm a very light sleeper and noises wake me up and usually prevent me from going back to sleep, which pretty much assures that I will be one cranky "biznitch" the next day!!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm Gonna Lose My Baby :(

I made a phone call today about schools for Alyssa. There's a Montessori school in West Monroe that I'd LOVE to send her to. She's so smart already and I want her to have a good jump start on life. Also, I want to send her somewhere where the class is smaller, so maybe she won't encounter as many germs to bring home to mommy!! I really hope I can get her in. It's $300 a month, so the issue isn't so much "can I get her in" but "can I pay for it". My grandpa said he'd "help a little", but he doesn't want his money to go to "that Louisiana bunch". He's so ridiculous! Sometimes I really get annoyed with him. Well, that's fine. So help me, I'm going to do whatever I have to do to get my daughter in the school that I feel like she deserves to go to and I sincerely hope I never have to take another penny from him! I'd rather do without!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Psychopathic Kitty

My cat is a demon. It just runs up and attacks people for no good reason. I could see it if someone were tormenting him, but we can just be sitting, minding our own business and suddenly find ourselves with cat claws in our skin. My husband and I are seeing this as a problem, since our 4 year old has scratch marks down her face. The ONLY reason the cat isn't already gone for that one is, with her I never really know if the cat attacked randomly or if she was bugging him. And, when I asked, she said she was just "holding" the kitty. So, there's a good chance that she was squeezing the kitty and he scratched out of self defense, and I can't blame him for THAT. However, I have witnessed his random ambushes and if he hurts my daughter for no reason, he will find himself outside in the cold with the neighbors' dogs!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Poor Sick Baby

I've been doctoring a sick 4 year old all week. Luckily, it's nothing serious, just a cold, but's heartbreaking to know that your child is sick and there's nothing you can really do other than administer some medicine every 4-8 hours. It's just pitiful and now I'm going to go watch Open Season with her, so maybe she'll feel better.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

You've Got Mail!

Valentine's Day is coming up and, I don't know about everyone, but I love sending ecards to people on holidays and birthdays. My favorite are the funny ones. You can get free funny eCards you can send that are not only funny, but a bit risque, and animated for all occasions. Visit the website for a free 30-day trial and then pay only $13.99 a year for unlimited access to all the online greetings you can stand to send. Greetings can be personalized and have messages added. Another benefit of membership is the ability to set up a greeting to be sent on a specific date, so you can prepare for an occasion ahead of time!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about REBECCA

As some know (most don't), I am a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics (there's a link to my site on the side of this page). This week, I'm going to list 13 of my favorite Mary Kay products and, if anyone finds something they'd be interested in trying, let me know! :)

1. Time-Wise Miracle Set--this is probably the product I couldn't LIVE without. The 3-in-1 Cleanser cleanses, tones, and exfoliates, all at the same time. Then there's the day/night solutions. The day solution protects your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays (among other things) and the night solution firms and tones your skin while you sleep! Then, of course, there's the moisturizer--I can't say enough good things about this!

2. Microdermabrasion--I'm the queen of exfoliation! I can't get enough. This stuff is two steps, refine and replenish. The "replinish" step is the one that makes the MK set different from having microderm done at a dermatologist's office. It puts all the necessary elements back into your skin so you can put on your makeup directly after treatment.

3. Oil-Free Hydrating gel--gives skin that healthy "glow" without being greasy! LOVE IT!

4. Firming Eye Cream--the name says it all. You can feel this stuff firming your eye skin immediately after applying.

5. Satin Hands--I love to have soft hands. This three step set also has a light peachy smell, which is awesome.

6. Facial Highlighting Pen--looks almost like concealer, but it isn't. It actually brightens up the area under your eyes and practically erases signs of undereye circles. I need 10 of these!!

7. Time-Wise Visibly Fit body lotion--If anyone's interested, I have a before/after pic of this product. I slather this stuff on after I shave and I get virtually NO razor rash! Also helps with those icky spider veins!

8. Eye Primer--I didn't think I would like this stuff. But, I tried it and it really works. My eye makeup looks WAY more vibrant and stays on MUCH longer when I use the primer.

9. Eye Makeup Remover--I used to think I wasn't THAT picky about my eye makeup remover, until I left my Mary Kay at home once and had to use a different brand. It's oil-free so it's not greasy and it practically lifts the makeup off with NO rubbing!

10. Tinted Moisturizer--for those Saturdays when you're running to the store and don't want to put full makeup on, but don't want to look pale and washed out either. It's a moisturizer with just a light color to it. Just enough to even out your skin, but not enough to be heavy.

11. Medium Coverage Foundation--speaking of "heavy", I hate foundations that make you feel all slimy and gross. The MK foundations don't do that. It hardly feels like you're wearing any foundation at all. And it doesn't transfer once it dries, which is great on the clothes!

12. Dual-Coverage Foundation--I use mine as a pressed powder, but, since it's also considered a foundation, you can wear it alone and have a sheer coverage.

13. Ultimate Mascara--a lot of your other brands have a mascara that lengthens, another one that volumizes, and another one they call "waterproof", etc. Mary Kay has put all of those elements into ONE mascara. This is another one I didn't realize I was picky about until I used it for awhile and then had to use another brand when I left mine at home! It's amazing!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sad News

I received an email from a friend of mine from Texas today telling me that her son, Ian, passed away Saturday. He was not quite 3 years old. He and his sister, Hope, who is my daughter's age, were Alyssa's best friends when we lived in Texas. This is the saddest thing I've heard in a LONG time. Apparently, he got sick on Friday and kept getting worse, so she took him to the ER on Saturday and his heart stopped two hours later. It's scary, because it makes my own child seem less immortal. In my heart, I've always known that live is fragile, and that's why I have to take so many precautions as her parent, but, at the same time, in the back of my mind, I always think, "that couldn't happen to MY child". But, it could! It could have been Alyssa just as easily as it was Ian and that scares me more than anything in the world!

If you read this, and you believe in the power of prayer, please say one for my friend, Julia, her daughter, Hope, Hope and Ian's dad, Christopher, all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc....and, of course, Ian.

Monday, February 05, 2007


We came in from Jackson this afternoon. It was a fun trip. I got to hit a lot of the new stores that they built or added to the mall after we moved away, like Build-A-Bear. Alyssa got a new pink bear she named Hallah. It was a lot of fun. The only thing that stinks is that Alyssa is sick. She was up all night with a stuffy nose, etc. and just isn't feeling well at all, poor baby. I wish there was something more I could do for her, but there isn't....not that I can think of anyway. Hopefully she'll feel better in a day or two. I hate it when my baby is sick.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Out Of Town

We might be heading to Jackson, Mississippi for the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Jackson is kinda my hometown and I miss it. I would do almost anything to move back there, but I don't know if my husband would go for it or not. After all, THIS is his home! But, I'll go this weekend and I'll enjoy the time I have at "home". We'll be back either Sunday or Monday, depending on whether we decide to watch the Super Bowl there or not. I'm rooting for Monday, because I'd like to have time to bum around Jackson a little and still get to go by, maybe Sunday, and visit the grandparents for a little bit. So, if I don't get a chance to blog while I'm there, I'll "see" you guys Sunday or Monday! :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about Rebecca

Not only is today Thursday, but it's the beginning of the month of February, so today, my list will be dedicated to my goals for the month.

1. I'm going to finish the stitching on the Christmas stocking I'm being paid to do. I need to do this so I can spend March backstitching and have it finished before April 1st.

2. I'm going to remember to call and make Alyssa a dentist appointment to put in her spacer.

3. I'm going to visit Claiborne Christian School and make a decision about whether or not to enroll Alyssa there for next year.

4. I'm going to save money...for what, I'm not sure, but I'm going to start doing it anyway.

5. I'm going to blog...every day!!

6. I'm going to try at least ONE new food. I've got to get my diet back on track.

7. I'm going to straighten and organize Alyssa's bedroom, throwing things away and donating to Goodwill where necessary.

8. I'm going to take my daughter and have some portraits made with her.

9. I'm going to make my family get up and go to church.

10. I'm going to spend LESS time on the computer and MORE time doing other things, such as reading to my daughter, reading my own books, cleaning, etc.

11. I'm going to find a new project to paint because I have thoroughly enjoyed painting Alyssa's bookcase and I'm almost finished.

12. I'm going to buy a new Lizzie Kate Flip-It Stamp.

13. I'm going to start my base tan in the tanning bed (maybe).

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