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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rainy Day

I can't decide if I have any appreciation for rain or not. I mean, I LOVE the sound it makes as it hits the window and the roof, but that's really only relaxing when I'm ABLE to relax. So, I think the verdict is that I like rain when I'm trying to sleep, but I don't like it during the day because it prevents me from going and doing whatever I want. I realize that I COULD still go shopping even though it's raining, but I hate driving in the rain and I hate getting wet when I get out of the car. I prefer to do all my "running around" when it's nice and dry outside. I also prefer it to be warm, which is another thing it hasn't been for the past several days. I'm ready for the rain to stop and the temperature to rise, just a little!

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