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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Rebecca

I was talking to a friend about my life and all the things I've done and didn't do and would like to do and won't be able to do. So, this week's 13 will be "Thirteen Things That I Would Do (Or Would Like To Have Done) If I Didn't Have A Child":

1. Finish school---I realize I can still do this WITH a's just harder to pay for it now, especially if I want to put HER in good schools, and harder to find quiet time to study when there's a child constantly hollering for Mommy!

2. Move to NYC---this was my dream when I was in college. I wanted to move to NYC and be an singer/actress. I NEED to be on stage!

3. Go out and have fun---I did this before I had a kid and, if I didn't have one, I would still be enjoying my 20s before they're over!

4. Watch grown up shows---my daughter gets thoroughly pissed off when I change her cartoons to watch my soaps!

5. Have money---which I would, if I weren't constantly having to pay for birthday parties and holiday gifts and dental work and school tuition and clothes and such!

6. Sleep in---every once in a while, I'd like to sleep until noon!

7. Accompany my husband on trips to the casino---he gets to stay in the great hotels and play slots all night while I'm stuck home with the kid!

8. Choose my friends for something OTHER than how many kids they have---any time I make a new friend, nowadays, one of the factors that goes into how much time I spend with the person is how many children she has and how close they are to MY child's age!

9. Get rid of this damn cat---I hate this cat...but my daughter loves him and won't let me throw him out!

10. Have far less laundry---I am constantly doing clothes because she plays outside and gets sweaty or she drops her food in her lap or something!

11. Be called something besides "Mommy"---my own grandparents now refer to me as "Alyssa's mommy".

12. Go to the bathroom without an audience---it doesn't matter WHAT I'm doing in there, she's got to come oversee!

13. Live an empty, unfulfilling life with no reason to smile---sure, there are things I could have done and should have done, but bottom line is, I love my little girl and I wouldn't trade her for a thing!! :)

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Janne said...

As the mother of nine, I can certainly relate to this list! I absolutely adore my children, but having had the first one while still in college (age 20), I can't help but to wonder what I have missed out on.

Great list!
Happy TT!

I'm sharing Florida sunset pictures on my TT today. :)

Dana said...

I loved your list and am with you on all of them but the cat!

Anonymous said...

I know there are alot of things we miss out on when chidlren come into the picture, but in my honest opinion, the blessings of children far outway what I've missed, though those thoughts do pop up once in a while! :o)

amy said...

NEat list..I will be appreciating this list in a year or two

Dont forget to sign up for the Christopher family blogging scavenger hunt! Its going to be fun and we have added more prizes

Danielle said...

I am working on Number 1 all I can say is thank God for federal financial aid and caffeine. I would really and truly urge you to finish up. It is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

Happy TT

Be well and enjoy the day

Alasandra said...

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Just wait until she learns to drive, then you have to add car insurance for her to the list of reasons why you have no money.

And then there is college............