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Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary to ME!! (and my husband, of course!) :)

Today is mine and my husband's (who from this point on, will be called Greg...because, well, that's his name) fifth anniversary. We married on Saturday, April 13, 2002. Our wedding was a little unconventional, and admittedly, not the way I always dreamed my wedding would be, but, looking back, I wouldn't really change a thing. We had a whirlwind engagement that started with the pink line on the EPT. He finally met my grandparents for the first time a week before our scheduled nuptials. All this led up to the wedding, which was held in my grandparents living room. There were a handful of guests, which included my family, his family, his friends, and some friends of my family, that weren't exactly close friends of MINE, but at least I knew them (grandparental controlling, at its finest). One of them slipped me a $100 bill after the reception, so I can't complain! My aunt was in charge of the music, and I can't honestly tell you what they played, but I can tell you that I had NO say in it, whatsoever. I was then walked down the "aisle", which was actually the hallway from my former bedroom into the living room, by my uncle, due to the absence of my grandpa, who was in the hospital, suffering from a bleeding ulcer that I'm sure was caused by his oldest granddaughter's "shotgun wedding". Our "attendants" were his brother, Scott (who actually looked pretty hot, if I do say so myself) and my sister, who I had to BEG to come in the first place, cause she already had plans for that weekend and my wedding was very "spur of the moment". The preacher was my second choice, as my first choice also had plans for that weekend. Any normal person would have postponed the wedding and waited for grandpa to get out of the hospital and for the preacher of my choice, etc...but not me. I was 3 months pregnant and time was of the essence. However, amid all the chaos and control, there was only one moment that truly mattered, and that was the moment when Bro. Jim introduced us to the onlookers as "Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shane Williamson". What else matters, really? Five years later, it doesn't matter that my dress was ivory and his suit was brown. It makes no difference that there weren't any flowers, aside from my bouquet. I'm sure no one remembers that my car didn't get decorated with shaving cream and who knows what else. The ONLY thing that matters is the fact that I am still "Mrs. Gregory Shane Williamson". So, no, my wedding wasn't that of fairy tales, but you know what? I am just as married to my prince as Cinderella was when the story was over!

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happy anniversary!!!