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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Rebecca

I am SO glad that the "Thursday Thirteen" is going to continue! I really enjoy making up a list every week and then reading everyone else's. So, today I'm going to list 13 things that I NEED to get accomplished, at least within the next few days. These are in no particular order, although I am going to go with the 13 MOST crucial things, since there are WAY more than 13 things on my "To Do" list!

1. Get in touch with someone from the Montessori school so we can go check it out and possibly get Alyssa in for this fall.

2. Talk to someone at the dance studio and get her registered for dance this summer. My child has been wanting to take dance lessons since she was two!

3. Get my hair cut and highlighted. I really need this to be done before my high school reunion, whenever that is!

4. Finish this Christmas stocking I'm stitching. I have an April 1 deadline on this. I'm almost there, but I hate being stressed!

5. LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY!!!!! 'Nuff said!

6. Call my friend Kelly and get our kids together to play. Kelly has been wanting me to teach her how to cross stitch and she has recently learned to sew, so we could collaborate and teach each other, right??

7. Call my friend Heather and get her daughter over here to play. Gracie is Alyssa's "best friend" and they haven't played together in ages, due to busy mommies.

8. Go through my pictures and get started on some scrapbooking. I bought the stuff years ago and haven't done a thing!

9. Go to the DMV and get my Louisiana license. I'm still sporting my one from Texas that I finally got after I lived there for almost 2 years!

10. Take Alyssa in to get some spring portraits done. I have the dress and everything...just have to get off my butt.

11. Go get a birthday present for Alyssa to take to Gracie's birthday party on the 10th.

12. Go through my email and read and delete. I have over 100 unread emails because I don't find the time to read all the forwards my grandpa sends me.

13. Bake cookies. I wanted to make a Valentine cake for Alyssa, but I didn't get around to that either.

So, there you have it....wish me luck!!

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amy said...

You have been busy..Im glad its continuing as well..I have so much fun looking forward to it

Nancy J. Bond said...

A very ambitious list. :) Happy TT!

Pen said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

My step-sister is one of those serial forwarders. I don't even read email from her anymore. I just delete, delete, delete. Unless there is not a little "fw:" in front of the subject. It drives me cRaZy!

Anonymous said...

What a list! Good luck on stitching the stocking! My mom has made both my brother and me both of my kids and is working on one for my newest arrival. I think it's about time I made her one..I'm just scared to attempt it!

Retta said...

Cookies!! Yummmy!

The Shrone said...

I know how it is to be so behind in answering your e-mail. SOunds like you've got a big to-do list. I hope you can get it all done! Thanks for visiting my TT!