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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Anyone Want A Cat?

Is it wrong to despise your pet?? I got my daughter a kitten, thinking that it would be sweet and cuddly, like every other cat I ever had. I was SO wrong! This cat, from day one, has had a crummy attitude and is the worst smelling cat I have ever been around! He doesn't like to be cuddled, or carried. He's only recently started warming up to my daughter, who LOVES him (otherwise he'd find himself as an outside cat). He will NOT stay off my counters, no matter what I do, and all he does is eat and poop, in succession. He's gross!! I've never disliked a cat...LOVE cats...but there's something about this one that doesn't agree with me! If it weren't for my daughter, we'd get rid of this one and try again!

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