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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Three Little Kittens

I've practiced being the "crazy old cat lady" today. We have a cat and her kittens living in our backyard and I'm in love! I invited them in briefly today to play with my daughter and stepson. There are two girls and a boy. The boy and one of the girls are almost identical. The only difference, really, is the color of their eyes. He has green eyes and she has blue eyes. The other girl is black and white striped. Anyway, the point is, I named the black and white one Delilah. The other girl is Skylah, because her eyes are blue, like the sky, and her brother is Fugly, because he's just really not as pretty as the other two. I'd love to keep Delilah, but on the other hand, I'm badly wanting a puppy and I know that my husband wouldn't go for having TWO animals!

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