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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 Movies I've Intended to Watch But Haven't

I'm not a movie buff, but there are a few that I've been wanting to see. Some are newer...most are older. But, regardless, here they are:

1. 10 Things I Hate About You--I actually have this one sitting on the shelf, waiting to be watched before it has to go back to Blockbuster.

2. Brokeback Mountain--I've already seen it once, but I've been meaning to watch it again.

3. Dirty Dancing--I'm the only child of the 80s I know of who hasn't seen this one.

4. Wedding Crashers--Greg bought it and said it's HYSTERICAL!

5. The Illusionist--Greg also said this one was good.

6. Casablanca--I'm on a "classic" kick and have wondered what made this movie so great.

7. The Village--heard this one was good.

8. Shaun of the Dead--I love a good "spoof" movie, which, for the record, lets out Date Movie and Epic Movie, because they were NOT "good" spoof movies!!

9. Hairspray--a friend and I were supposed to go to the theater and see this, but we never did.

10. Spaceballs--another one Greg said was hysterical!

So, there you go!!


Sandy M said...

You've got to watch The Village. The ending will blow you away and leave you thinking for quite a while. Thanks for visiting. You have a great list.

Kiki said...

I have seen several on your list, too! I love 10 Things I Hate About You, and Brokeback Mountain, too. I am a big Jake Gyllenhaal fan so that one was a must see! I am a child of the 80s, too, and it was years before I saw Dirty Dancing! I just watched Hairspray this weekend, the new one. It was surprisingly good!

Anonymous said...

The Village isn't worth the time. Save yourself the frustration of M. Night Shamalamadingdong's goofiest movie ever.

Shaun of the Dead, on the other hand, is an absolute MUST see! Bump it to the top of your list. Buy it, don't rent it. While you're at it, grab Hot Fuzz, starring the same guys. Pure comedy genius!

Bubba's Sis said...

You gotta see Dirty Dancing! And Wedding Crashers IS hilarious - loved it, too!

Thanx for stopping by my blog - come back anytime!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunfire said...

I haven't seen 3, 4, 5 or 9, but I love the rest of them.
10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorites of all time.
I adore the love story that Brokeback Mtn is.
The Village is a bit different, but if you've seen other movies by M. Night Shamylan (sp?), then you'll know what kind of feel to expect.
Shaun of the Dead cracks me up every time I see it! Then again, I see the satire in this spoof...
Spaceballs is a hoot, esp if you like other Mel Brooks films.

Feel free to stop by mine, if you like!

Ashley said...

I loved #1 and #3. #10 is stupidly funny and totally mindless. Great for when you don't want to think!

I grew up around the West Monroe area and all my family is still there. Small world!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer said...

#3 is one of my all-time favorites. #4 is HILARIOUS!! I would add your #2 and #9 to a longer list. I played along, too. Check mine out & let me know if you've seen any of these!

Jennifer :-)