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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For Her Own Good

She's not going to like it, and I'm a little late, but Alyssa is going to get a flu shot. I wanted to give it to her a month ago, but she kept on getting sick and they wouldn't give it to her while she was sick and running a fever. I've FINALLY gotten her well, so we're going to go. I need to get one as well, but I'm not as worried about ME as I am HER. I don't tend to put my fingers in my mouth and I try to avoid people (sick AND well) at all costs! I don't WANT to let them stick a needle in my baby girl. I was always the one blubbering and crying when she had to get her shots as a baby, but I know it's for her own good. The flu is a nasty thing and I want to keep my little girl as well as possible this winter!

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