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Monday, September 03, 2007

Mixed Emotions

I am such a sap! I'm sitting here, at 8:31 on Monday morning, Labor Day, and I'm bawling like a newborn! Why, you might ask? Because, attached to my left arm is a beautiful little 4 year old girl, who will be starting preschool tomorrow. Now, I realize that for some of you, this seems silly, because it's only PREschool and she's just going for 3 hours a day, 3 days a week! But, to me, it's HUGE! That means this is the very last day that my daughter won't be classified as a "student". From tomorrow on, she'll be in school August-May, not including major holidays and weekends. She'll have homework during those months that I'll help her with and then I'll watch as she deserts me to go play with her little school friends without even saying "thank you". All this will take place until she's at least 18 (hopefully older, because I want her to go to college). So, today is the last day of my daughter's "babyhood" and I'm not sure I can stand it!


Retta said...

My kids start school tomorrow too. The first day is always the hardest. ;)

nlynnect said...

Look at it as starting a whole new chapter, for the both of you. It's a very exciting time and you get to be involved in that right along with her!

Karen said...

Hugs. I cried yesterday when we left my 22 year old at college and he is a teacher there! We miss them. I hope she has lots of fun and that helps you get through it. Hugs again.