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Monday, September 10, 2007

Just Thinking

I'm watching this Lifetime movie (yeah, I know....I was asking for it) and it got me to thinking. The movie is called Custody and it's about this little girl whose mother died when she was younger and, since then, she has been raised by her dad. They're incredibly close and she's a happy, well-adjusted teenager. In walks this other man. Turns out, he was married to her mother a long time ago (which the girl didn't know), and he is her father. He left her mom when she got pregnant. Anyway, so he's rich and wants to "get to know her". So, she starts spending time with him and begins to like him....that is, until he petitions, and wins, full custody and moves her to California. It's then that she realizes that he's too busy for her and she wants to go home to the man who has been her "daddy" for as long as she can remember. I can't tell you how it ends, yet, because it's not over.

Anyway, what I thought about is this. I wonder if it's selfish to ALMOST wish that I had another man who would step up and be my biological father. Not that I didn't have an AWESOME father, because I did. It would just be really great, at this point, to have another chance to have a dad. But, because my mother was only married once, to my dad, and I am his biological child, then I'll NEVER get any more parents. But, it would still be interesting to get to start over.

Okay, so the movie's over and the biological father just decided that the best thing for the girl was to let the other man have her, since he's been her dad all along. Sweet ending. Happy ending. That's the stuff that fiction is made of.

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