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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about REBECCA

I was thinking, on my way home from town, about writing a blog that listed my pet peeves. Then, when I got home, I remembered that it was Thursday and I thought, hey, what a great "Thursday Thirteen" idea. So, listed here, in NO particular order, are 13 of my greatest pet peeves!!

1. Red lights that turn red when there is absolutely NO ONE to go in the other direction. Make sense? I got stopped at a red light and there was no one coming on the other direction of the intersection. So, I had to sit there and wait on the light for NAUGHT! NOTHING! NO GOOD REASON! It annoyed me!!

2. People who stand behind you in line and want to invade your "personal space". This actually happened to me today, too. There was a lady behind me in line at the post office and I, literally, could NOT breathe for her being crammed up into my back. I couldn't turn around and every time she would move, she would hit me in the arm with her purse. If I took a tiny step forward to try to get away from her, she was right behind me, taking a step forward. I've never been THAT glad to get out of the post office...and I hate the post office!!

3. Gum smacking. This is the reason I hate for my daughter to have gum. I don't want her to turn into one of those kids who makes people's flesh crawl when they come around with a wad of gum in their mouth as big as their head!

4. When people call your house and then call right back if you don't answer. Nine times out of ten, I'm screening my calls. Reason being, I sometimes don't feel like talking. Plenty understandable, right? Then, inevitably, SOMEONE is going to decide they're too important to be ignored and call back incessantly. What they don't realize is that, after they've done that, I just get pissed off and don't answer out of spite!

5. Whiny children. This goes for mine, as well as anyone else's. At least if it's mine, I can TELL her she's driving me nuts and shut the heck up! I think it's MORE annoying when it's someone else's kid, because you're stuck having to listen to them and can't say anything.

6. People who come to work sick. This is particularly true for cashiers and restaurant workers. I do NOT want someone who has just sniffled and wiped her nose with her hand giving me my receipt, much less bringing me my dinner!! I realize that people need money, but isn't that what the concept of "sick days" is all about?? Maybe my peeve should be more with the management that won't let the person off work when they're sick?

7. When people stab you in the back or otherwise betray you and then, when you don't talk to them, for lack of something to say to the sleazeballs, they have the nerve to act shocked. Like, "Are you mad at me? What did I do?" What are they thinking?? Were they not around when their mouths started blabbing everything they knew???

8. When my washer, for whatever reason, doesn't get my clothes rinsed out. Not sure why that happens, but it goes hand-in-hand with when my dryer doesn't get my clothes dry the first time. Small thing, yes, but aggravating, nonetheless.

9. Voice mail messages that lead you to believe that the person answered the phone. I realize that some people think they're cute, but I absolutely hate when I call someone to have an intelligent conversation, or in the event of an emergency and I hear "Hello? Hello? OHHH, I'm not here!" Or my personal "favorite", "Hey! What's up.....Oh yeah?......I don't know....well, that's cool.....oh, by the way, this isn't me, it's my voice mail"....WHATEVER!!

10. Clothing stores and manufacturers who apparently think that EVERYONE is either 15 or 60. From what I can gather, most stores have two sections, juniors and old ladies. There's NOTHING for people like me, in their late 20s who don't want to look like we're trying to get back into highschool, but don't want to appear to be headed for a retirement residence either. What gives?? We're all not either a size 2 or 20, either. There ARE in-between people!

11. Toys with battery compartments that you need a screwdriver to get into. This isn't all that bad, but my daughter got a Barbie doll that dances when she has a AAA battery in each leg. Problem is, the screw is SO tiny, it took FOREVER for me to find a screwdriver that would allow me to open the compartment to get the battery in!

12. Wal-Mart ('nuff said?) and the fact that they remodeled their stores to add WAY more checkout lines, but they still have the same number of cashiers, so what was the point? I'm still having to wait in an astronomically long line, only now, I'm being taunted by the unmanned register next to me.

13. ANY noise while I'm trying to sleep. This includes talking, coughing, snoring, the TV, radio, the cat meowing, dogs barking, etc. I'm a very light sleeper and noises wake me up and usually prevent me from going back to sleep, which pretty much assures that I will be one cranky "biznitch" the next day!!

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Retta said...

the green with light text hurts my eyes girly LOL

good thirteen ;)

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I know....I wanted to make the writing black, but I couldn't figure out how! :)