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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Psychopathic Kitty

My cat is a demon. It just runs up and attacks people for no good reason. I could see it if someone were tormenting him, but we can just be sitting, minding our own business and suddenly find ourselves with cat claws in our skin. My husband and I are seeing this as a problem, since our 4 year old has scratch marks down her face. The ONLY reason the cat isn't already gone for that one is, with her I never really know if the cat attacked randomly or if she was bugging him. And, when I asked, she said she was just "holding" the kitty. So, there's a good chance that she was squeezing the kitty and he scratched out of self defense, and I can't blame him for THAT. However, I have witnessed his random ambushes and if he hurts my daughter for no reason, he will find himself outside in the cold with the neighbors' dogs!

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