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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Few I've Seen....

I've been watching a lot of movies lately, in an effort to spend more time with my husband. We've watched some that were good, some I didn't too much care for, and some that were so bad that we just had to turn them off!!

The first one we watched was "Employee of the Month" with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. Now, I really don't like Jessica Simpson and I think that anyone else could have been cast in her role and it would have been fine, but I don't think Dane Cook could have been beat! It was a cute movie, definitely. A LITTLE predictable, but, hey....what do you expect??

Then came "Gridiron Gang" with The Rock. That man is H-O-T!!! The movie was pretty good, too. Greg didn't like it as much as I did. I think he was expecting more violence out of the juvenile delinquents, while I was glad that there was more "getting along". I've always been a sucker for positive message movies that are based on true stories.

We also watched a movie called "Scoop" with Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen, and Scarlett Johanssen. It wasn't bad for a Woody Allen movie. I'm not sure I liked Hugh Jackman as a possible murderer, or whatever, but he sure was cute! As annoying as Woody Allen is, in general, he was almost endearing in this movie.

"American Pie: The Naked Mile" was funny. I think it was better than some of the original "American Pie" movies, particularly the third one, which I didn't find all that amusing, other than when Stifler ate the dog poop...THAT was funny! I did have an appreciation for all the naked people running around, though! :)

"Crooks" was stupid. We didn't even watch all of it. It wasn't remotely funny and the plot was incredibly SLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. It would have been nice to know if they ever found the stolen stamps, but it wasn't worth the agony of watching the whole movie to find out.

I watched about 5 or 10 minutes of something called "The Protectors" or something to that effect, but I'm totally not into kung-fu movies, nor am I a fan of movies I have to read. If I wanted to read, I would skip the video store and go the library, where I can borrow a book for free!

So, that's been my movie experience. I've never watched so many movies in such a short amount of time in my LIFE! But, it's been fun!

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Retta said...

I was thinking of renting Scoop
we have The Guardian (neener neener I got Ashton and you don't!)