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Friday, December 08, 2006

Bah Freakin' Humbug

I'm not a fan of Christmas. I think I've said that before. But, I really don't like it. There are 16 days left and I haven't even started shopping! I take that back...I have gotten some of Alyssa's stocking stuffers. I managed that. All my grandparents want is an answering machine, so that'll be easy. My sister wants some Mary Kay brushes, and I already have those, so that's one that I won't have to shop for.

Speaking of my sister, I'm hoping I get to go visit her next week. I've never been to her place before. I've never even been to Hattiesburg before, so it should be big fun! She said we could go do some karaoke, which will be a blast! I love karaoke! I wanted a karaoke machine for Christmas, but I need a hair straightener, so I suppose I'll ask for THAT instead! I intend to leave Alyssa here with her daddy if I get to go, though. I love her more than life, but Mommy needs a break!! I'll miss her, but the vacation is well deserved, in my opinion! Just have to hope that neither of us get sick, cause I can't go if we're sick.

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