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Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Okay, so I realize that it's technically Friday, but I got sidetracked. Better late than never...

So, last Friday, I got a new purse. I ordered it from Handbag Heaven and I LOVE it!! So, in light of that, I decided that this week's "Thursday Thirteen" would be:

13 Things You'd Find In My Purse:

1. my wallet--this will contain everything from my driver's license to gift cards with tiny balances left that I just can't seem to get rid of.

2. sunglasses--I have some of those really HUGE ones that are popular nowadays. I love them!!

3. keychain--this isn't the keychain that has my car keys on it...I usually keep that one in my pocket so I don't have to dig. This one strictly has my little "loyalty cards" that I use at the grocery store or where ever.

4. a pen--okay, so technically my pen isn't in there right this second, because I just took it out to use it, so it's sitting beside me. But, any other time, it'd be in there!

5. phone number list--I lost my address book, so I have phone numbers written down on a piece of paper until I find a replacement address book. I'm very picky about my address books, so it could take awhile to find the right one.

6. my makeup bag--this new purse is big enough that I can stick the whole damn Mary Kay clear plastic bag in there. No more picking and choosing which products I "might" need!!

7. some of those Crystal Light individual drink packets--you never know when you might be craving something like that and you can just stop by the store, get a 20oz bottle of water and voila! Crystal Light!! :)

8. cough drops--kinda goes without saying why a person might keep those, huh?

9. loose change--this SHOULD probably be in my wallet, but it's not, so it counts separately!

10. hand sanitizer--I don't go ANYWHERE without this stuff!! I hate germs!!

11. moist towelette--for those instances when my child needs her hands washed in an inconvenient place.

12. Ibuprofen--again, I have a kid....can't have enough headache medicine handy!!

13. silica gel pack--like I said, it's a new purse and I just found this while I was digging around for 13 it counts!! :)

There you have it! I've said before that you can tell a lot about a person by what's in his pockets...well, purses count, too!! :)

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