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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Daughter

Her full name is: Alyssa Frances Williamson

Her birthday is: October 3, 2002

Her astrological sign is: Libra, I believe

She was born in: Flowood, MS

I pushed for: roughly 40 minutes

Labor with my daughter lasted: about 4 hours

She weighed: 8lbs. 9 oz.

Her hair was: light

She looks more like: my sister...

Her eye color is: light blue

Her room is decorated in: it's kinda "there"

Her favorite toy is: she's currently in a doll phase

Her favorite snack/food is: anything...she's not picky

Her favorite show to watch is: hmmm...anything on Disney, really

She sleeps: all over the dang bed!!!

Her mommy's name is: Rebecca

Her daddy's name is: Greg

Who visited you in the hospital? all my friends

Did you have a baby shower? two, actually

Was she a planned pregnancy? HA! No!

Does she have any siblings? she has a half-brother

Do you plan to give her more siblings? no plans at the moment

Is she a mommy's girl or daddy's girl? hard to tell

Did you breast feed? I did


What was her 1st word? "Mama"
When did she 1st roll over? I don't remember...5 months, maybe?
When did she 1st sit up? August 12, 2003 at exactly 11:02am...are you kidding?? I don't remember!!
When did she start walking? Thanksgiving day, 2003...that one I DO remember!

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