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Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Are They Not Safe???

I just read on a message board that I frequent that a member's 7 year old granddaughter was killed in a car accident. How does that happen??? This, of course, isn't the first I've heard of tragedy striking a young child, but WHY?? It just doesn't seem fair to me. Why does God give children to people and then take them away before they reach any level of maturation? It's scary to me, as a mom, that, no matter what I do for my daughter or how well I take care of her, there's still a power greater than me that can take her at any moment. I could have very little warning and my life could change in an instant, but it's really frightening to me. I have given this little girl the very best of me...better, in fact, than I even know I had in me. We all have a "number", so to speak and all I can do is hope and pray that she's not one of those unfortunate children with a low number.

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