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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I realize that Thursday is almost over, but I wanted to get this in. Tonight I'm gonna share a little info into my mind by making a list of...

Thirteen Things That Terrify Me

1. Getting old--mostly the health problems that go along with it. And I worry that clinical depression will set in once I realize that, logically speaking, I have more years behind than I have ahead.

2. NOT getting old--I contradict myself again, because, while I fear getting old, the idea of dying young is even more frightening! I have a lot to live for and it would be a shame to have that taken! :)

3. Vomit--as inane as I realize this fear is, it's very valid (there's even a word for it...emetophobia, in case you wondered). It can actually be a crippling fear and it once caused me to live on Cheez-Its, oatmeal and water for 5 years!

4. Giant cockroaches--I live in the south where these giant aggravations thrive....ugh!! I can't even think about it anymore!!

5. Mice/rats--'nuff said, in my opinion!

6. Big dogs--particularly ones that are barking, growling and snapping at me knowing they could swallow me whole!

7. Deep water--If I can't comfortably stand up in it, it's too damn deep for me!!

8. Snakes--and why not??

9. Spiders--I've gotten better about this one but those are some creepy looking little bastards!!

10. Wasps/Bees--getting stung HURTS!!!

11. Heights--This includes, but is not limited to, driving over bridges and flying, although I'm sure any fear of flying would be better described as a fear of crashing...

12. The dark--more specifically. what might be in the room with me that I can't see.

13. Things I Can't Control--I wouldn't necessarily call myself a control freak, but there is a certain comfort I take in holding my own reigns....


Mitch English said...

where in MS are you from?


Rebecca said...

How ironic that you should happen upon my blog about fears! Anyway, I'm from all over MS, really...I was born in Jackson, spent most of my life in Meridian, moved to Carthage after my parents passed away, and then went back to Jackson! Usually the short answer is just "Jackson"! LOL!

Mitch said...

Ahh. I lived in Long Beach