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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thirteen Things about Rebecca

Mother's Day is's a holiday that I didn't have to really participate in until my daughter was born in 2002, but now I do! So, here are my 13 reasons that I love being a mom!

1. I have THE most beautiful little girl in the world, bar none! I realize that this is a biased opinion, but I think she is, and my view on the subject is really the only one that counts, right?

2. There is nothing in the world that is sweeter than my little girl waking me up at the "butt-crack" of dawn saying, "I love you, Mommy, and you're my best friend in the world".

3. Little hugs--'nuff said.

4. I have an automatic shopping buddy. She was more pain than pleasure up until recently and now I can't imagine going shopping without her!

5. Holidays are MUCH more fun through the eyes of a child! I enjoy playing Santa and Easter Bunny!

6. "Why?"--It's a fun question to answer. "Why is the grass green?", "Why is the sky blue?", "Why does my hair stick up when I rub a balloon on my head?"

7. She keeps me from being lonely. I used to get depressed when I was left alone too long. Now that my daughter is here, I'm NEVER ALONE!!!! EVER!!!!

8. She knows how to "fetch". I know it's mean, but when mommy is tired, it's nice to have someone to go get the phone for me!

9. I have an excuse to go see all the "kiddie" movies. How could I play off going to see Shrek the Third when it comes out if I didn't have a kid with me???

10. She gets excited about EVERYTHING!! It puts a smile on my face when her face lights up at the sound of the ice cream truck.

11. It's like having a "Mini-Me". She doesn't LOOK like me, really, but she acts JUST like me! We need matching outfits! :)

12. I can live vicariously through her. I may or may not have screwed up various aspects of MY life, but, through her, I can relive those moments and watch her have things that I cheated myself out of.

13. How many people can honestly say that their BEST FRIEND in the world is four years old??? I'm blessed to say that I can! :)

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1 comment:

Jeannine said...

Happy Mothersday. You and mini you sound like a pretty good team.
Nice TT!