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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (A Little Late)

Okay, so I happen to be a little late, but, this has been a busy week...give me a break! As long as this blog has gone without being updated, I would think that complaining about lateness would be wasteful. Anyway, my daughter is turning 8 years old this weekend (Sunday, to be exact) so she has been the top thing on my mind...pretty much for the past 8 years, really, but particularly this week. So, my 13 that I had planned for Thursday, which I am finally getting to now, is:

13 Nicknames My Daughter Answers To

1. Lyssa---of course, with her name being Alyssa, this one kinda went without saying. Other derivatives include: Lyss, Lyssie, and Lyss-Priss.

2. Skeeter--my grandparents stuck her with this one at birth. It has been shortened further to Skeets and lengthened to Skeeterbug.

3. Tootie--one of my personal favorites. This one also has spin-offs, if you will, such as Toot, Toots, Tooter, and Tootie-Smurf.

4. Smurf--this is her current nickname from me. It was shortened from the above-mentioned Tootie-Smurf.

5. Squirt--Daddy uses this one mostly.

6. Papoose--she doesnt hear this one as often now as she did when she was under two. Rather than calling her The Baby, we chose to call her The Papoose....clever, eh?

7. Turd--I know, I know...I probably should rethink nicknaming my daughter after fecal matter, but it just kinda happened, ya know??

8. Sweet Pea--what father can say that they have never called their little girl Sweet Pea? In my usual fashion, I modified it and called her Peanut for a long time!

9. Cuddle Bug--I still call her this at 2am, when she crawls into my bed to snuggle.

10. Punkin--also very generic, but hey....

11. Poot--probably where Tootie originated...

12. Little Bit--not one of my favorites, but it comes out from time to time.

13. Tater--I have no idea where this came from....

There you have it....all the things I choose to call my daughter that nowhere resemble her actual given name (for the most part)...I hope she can avoid a complex!

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