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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What the Hell Wednesday

I'm trying to find new ways to spend my blogging time. It's come to my attention (mostly just by me) that I'm not exactly the most entertaining of here goes....

1.If you won the lottery lets say 200 million dollars what would be the first thing you would do? You mean AFTER I call everyone who ever treated me like less than a human being and shout "F**K YOU!!!" as soon as they answer??? Well, after that, I'd buy a house!

2. Do you think your a lucky person? why? I am one of the most UNlucky people I know...I'm a 30 year old orphan, for crying out loud, among other reasons I won't get into.

3. Do you have any lucky charms? I really don't....I'm dull like that...

4. Have you ever knocked on wood in hopes whatever you said doesn’t get jinks? Yeah...of course, I didn't actually BELIEVE it would change anything...

5. If you could have just one thing..anything besides riches (money/gold) what would your wish for? I be happy...I would like to be satisfied with myself, doing something I love to do

6. Do you listen to your gut instincts or try to ignore them and wish you did? I've gone both ways...My gut instincts aren't that strong, though, so I usually just have to go with the flow

7. Are you a glass half full or more of a glass half empty type person? I am an "who the heck stole my damn glass" kind of person...that would be more my luck!

8. Do feel like you are fortunate in life or waiting for your turn? why? I think I was very fortunate at one time, but I wasn't appreciative, here I am!

9. What is an attainable dream that you want to accomplish before you die? I'd like to finish college

10. If the world was going to end on friday…what would you do before it ended? Pretty much whatever I wanted to do...

11. Do you believe rabbits foots are bring good luck? If I did, I'd have a million of them!!

12. Do you believe blondes have all the luck? Not necessarily

13. If you could come up with an invention and make millions of dollars what would it be? I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you....

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