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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Senseless Crime

Never in my life has a devastating crime hit me close to home. I have a cousin who has had his truck broken into a time or two, but nothing like the crushing blow that my husband's son and ex-wife experienced this week. Their home, which they rented, was set on fire by an apparent arson. They've lost EVERYTHING. This boy is almost 12 years old and has lost his entire life (materially speaking, of course...they, luckily, were not home and unharmed). All of his soccer trophies he was so proud of, as well as his awards from school are gone, as well as his PlayStation and all his games and the TV he got for his birthday...EVERYTHING. But, what's worse is, she lost all her baby pictures of him and her home videos, family's just sad. How can people do such terrible, random things? It makes me very sad for them, but also makes me appreciate the things I have.

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Laura said...

Oh, no!! That is so sad, Rebecca! I've never experienced anything like a fire and I can't imagine loosing all my possessions just like that (snap my fingers). I hope this family manages to pull through!