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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's A Weekend??

Back in the day, the word "weekend" actually meant "end of the week". Since late 2002, a weekend has been just another day. I no longer get weekends "off" or half days either, for that matter. Every day is just like the next. That's not altogether a BAD thing. I enjoy being a mom, for the most part. There's nothing like turning around and having a couple of little arms around your waist, simply because "you looked like you needed a hug". And, having someone come running immediately to you when they get their feelings (or their bodies) hurt, looking to you for comfort that they've grown accustomed to you providing. Or, to look at a little small person and realize that, at least until they hit puberty, you are the smartest person they know! It's amazing to me, and most days, I wouldn't trade my job for anything! It's beyond wonderful!

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