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Friday, March 28, 2008

Ready For A Visit

So, finally, after living here for over two years, my friend, Christy, is coming to visit. Of course, she's bringing her new boyfriend, so it won't exactly be the "girl fun" I was hoping for, but oh well. They should be here later on this evening. The bad part is, my husband won't be here. It looks like he's going to be with his mom for awhile. She's not doing well at all. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

On a better note, Alyssa dances tomorrow at AlphaFest. I'm going to take plenty of pictures and try to get video as well, so Greg can see it, since he's not going to be able to be there. I told him I was disappointed that he couldn't come, but that I totally understand, and I do. He can't leave his mom in the shape she's in. He needs to be there, just in case.

So, I'll let everyone know how the weekend turns out.

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