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Monday, November 19, 2007

Trip Home

Alyssa and I are supposed to be traveling to Mississippi tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents. I mentioned something to them about it a couple of weeks ago and was all "gung-ho" about going until today. I just really don't feel like making a three hour drive. And, there's NOTHING to do there. I pretty much have to go to bed when they do. I can't be on the computer 24/7, like I am here. It's just rough and it only takes about an hour of being there for me to remember why I moved out and subsequently screwed my life up beyond belief! UGH!! Oh well. I suppose I'll go and I'll stay from tomorrow until, maybe, Friday. That's not THAT long. I had intended to stay longer because I wanted a flu shot, but I don't know now. I hate to be sick on the holidays, for sure. We'll see. I'll need to call and see if they're gonna be open on Wednesday. I really need to get a shot for myself and for Alyssa. I do NOT want us to wind up with the flu!

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