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Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas In October

I received an envelope from Pictures On Gold last week that contained one of their gold lockets along with a certificate of authenticity. It has a photo of Alyssa laser engraved in it and my initials on the outside. I know the pictures don't do it justice, but that's because my camera is a piece of junk! The locket, on the other hand, is beautiful!! I can't wait to get a chain for it! I have a chain that would look great, but it's a little longer than I want, so I'm going to buy a new one.

Now, for the pictures. This is the front of the locket. Like I said, the picture isn't great, because my lighting is bad and my camera is old, but it's my initials, RDW:

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And, here's the inside. I opted for the color picture. I didn't really just LOVE the way her hair was cut off or something. It makes her head look oddly shaped, but my husband said he couldn't tell, so I'm thinking it might just be me. Not a big deal, anyway. Again, the picture stink, so just pretend like you can really tell what's going on!

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All in all, it's a beautiful locket and I'm incredibly proud of it! I can't wait to find the perfect chain and wear it with everything.

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