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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Birthday Progress

Today, I got the deposit put down for her party. We got the go-ahead on bringing the puppy in for the party, so we're good to go! That was the hold-up. I didn't want to have her party there if they wouldn't let us bring Piper in, because that's her gift from us, so I wanted her to get it AT her party. So, had they said that we couldn't have her, then we would have had to have moved the party to the park, which is where we had it last year. I really didn't want to have it there again, but I would have! But, as it turns out, they said that, although their policy is "no pets", they'll make an exception for her birthday party, just as long as the puppy doesn't touch the floor. No problem there. We'll leave her in the kennel and if she comes out at all, I'll make sure that one of us is holding her.

So, having done that, the only thing I lack in immediate preparations is going by Office Depot tomorrow to have holes punched in the invitations so I can put the ribbon in and then getting the invitations sent. Then, I'll be done worrying about it until closer to time, when I'll have to decide if I'm going to MAKE the cake or BUY a cake. Time will tell on that one!

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