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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've called several schools today, trying to find the right one to put my daughter into next year. She's going to be 5 in October, but she misses the cutoff by 3 days so she'll just be starting Pre-K4. There's a Christian school that I want to put her in, but it's $355 a month for tuition. I was wanting to start school myself, but I might have to sacrifice my dreams to make a better future for her. I don't know. Some might say that I could put her into a public school while I finish college and then, when the money is better, I can transfer her to a private school, and that sounds like a good enough option, but I've seen a few of the products of the public schools around here and I want better for MY child. I want to start her right to begin with. Now, granted, EVERYONE I've met who went to a public school is not on the path to nowhere. I have several friends who went to public schools here who are very smart, beautiful, hard working people with extreme promise. But, from what I can gather, they are the lucky ones. I just really want my daughter to start and finish in a private school where she can get the attention she needs and the strong moral background that comes from a faith based school.

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Retta said...

you can do it! :) I know you can.